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    April 2020

    Air Duct Cleaning and Reme Halo Installation
    Air Duct Cleaning and Reme Halo Installation

    Now more than ever, air duct cleaning practices should be considered an essential part of a household and business cleaning routine to enhance indoor breathing environment. At Air Purification Technologies, we understand the necessity of this type of service as pollution, allergens, and mold can be stock in duct systems. Some people don’t pay attention […]

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    17 Apr
    By: Chris Gayle
    Air Purification Duct Cleaning Service and Maintenance

    Are you searching for an air duct cleaning technician? If so, Air Purification technologies can help! Air ducts should be considered as part of a household maintenance routine at least once a year to improve their indoor breathing quality. If you have allergies or suffer from any respiratory discomfort, our professional air duct cleaning technician […]

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    1 Apr
    By: Chris Gayle
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