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    6 Signs Your Home Vents Should Be Cleaned

    An increasing number of people spend their time indoors, and 70% of an average person’s time is spent within their home. Modern lifestyles and circumstances have made it natural for people to spend more time at home than anywhere else.

    However, it also requires you to be vigilant about keeping your home clean and safe, especially when it comes to your air vents. To prevent health and respiratory problems, you should get regular vent cleaning services to ensure a healthy environment in your home.

    If You Are Facing Indoor Air Quality Problems

    Dust and other particles tend to get into your air vents and circulate within your home. Many homes have up to 500% worse indoor air pollution compared to outdoors, and one of the main culprits is the vents in their homes.

    Know that it’s time for vent duct cleaning if you’re starting to notice dust coming out from your vents whenever they start working.

    You’ve Detected Mold or Algae Growth Inside Your Vents

    If your air vents can’t keep humidity levels under control or an excessive amount of moisture has pervaded your vents, chances are you’ve smelt or seen signs of mold or algae growth.

    For people with allergies or respiratory problems, mold infestations can cause havoc on their lungs. Your vents would need to be cleaned by an expert to make sure every last trace of mold is removed.

    You Can Hear Insects or Vermin Inside Your Vents

    If you’ve recently had a pest infestation in your home or can hear scurrying or squeaking noises coming from your vents, the chances are that there are insects or rodents within the vents.
    Over time, their presence can cause sanitation and odor problems, especially if they die in the vents. Getting vent cleaning services as soon as you start to hear odd noises is an efficient way to get rid of the problem at once.

    There Are Unpleasant Odors in Your Home

    Besides the musty smell of mold, other odors can originate from your vents when they’re not functioning properly or haven’t been cleaned thoroughly. To prevent constant odors traveling around your home when your vents are working, it’s best to consult a technician to see where the smell is originating from and what steps can be taken to prevent it.
    In most cases, cleaning will clear out any smells and let the technician detect if there is any other problem with your air vents or even HVAC system.

    When Your Utility Bills Are Higher Than Expected

    If you’ve started noticing that the heating or cooling bills are coming out to be significantly higher than they were before, even when there hadn’t been an increase in usage, there may be a problem with the air vents or HVAC system.

    When air vents are clogged with contaminants and dust, your HVAC system has to work more to get cool or hot air through the vents. A proper vent duct cleaning helps reduce your energy bills in the long term.

    Your Vents Haven’t Been Cleaned in a While
    If you can’t remember the last time your vents have been cleaned, or there’s no record of them being cleaned, it’s a good idea to get a vent cleaning service scheduled.

    Regular cleaning sessions can ensure that your vents are clean and working effectively

    Need To Get Your Vents Cleaned? Our Technicians Are Always Available
    When you need to get superior vent cleaning services at an affordable cost, trust Air Purification Technologies to help you be more energy-efficient and improve your home’s indoor air quality. With their certified technicians, rest easy, knowing every inch of your air vents will be completely spotless.

    Serving the Aventura Florida and Hallandale Beach, Florida areas, don’t ever stress out about your vent problems when you’ve got these experts by your side. Call 954-241-7352 to book professional air duct cleaning services today.

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