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    Duct Cleaning Service

    Duct Cleaning Service

    duct cleaning serviceAre you looking for a duct cleaning service? Many individuals around the world suffer from asthma and allergies. The primary reason behind these diseases is inhaling the indoor air which is polluted with dust and mold. To tackle this, it is advised to clean air duct and HVAC systems at least once in every three years.

    Duct cleaning helps get rid of debris and contamination from cooling and heating unit and duct system, hence keeping traces of these impurities out of your home and the air that you and your family breathe. If you want to hire the services of a company that is experienced in duct cleaning, vent cleaning, and HVAC cleaning, Air Purification Technologies is a recommended choice.

    Why Hire Us?

    At Air Purification Technologies, our goal is to protect your health by making sure the air you breathe is as healthy and clean as possible. Our certified technicians will use a direct contact cleaning process to ensure that your air ducts are completely clean. With our years of service, we have built a great reputation throughout Florida with numerous satisfied clients.

    What makes us different?

    • We use up-to-date technology with powerful tools and equipment such as truck mounted high capacity vacuum, reliable equipment to sweep and brush the entire systems, etc.
    • We assure all our clients a job well done and offer before and after footage to verify the result
    • Complete visual analysis/inspection of system to ensure better performance and prevent potential blockage
    • High standard work ethic, leaving workspace cleaner after the job is done
    • Complete all jobs thoroughly
    • Client 100% satisfied after finishing our work.

    Our Duct Cleaning Service

    duct cleaning serviceAir Purification Technologies is a one-stop-shop for air duct cleaning, vent cleaning, and HVAC cleaning services. At Air Purification Technologies, we use up-to-date cleaning technology to clean your residential or commercial cooling and heating air duct system thoroughly.

    We connect the vacuum to your ductwork on all the primary duct plenums, in this way the entire system is put under vacuum. All grills and registers are sealed. Various agitation tools are fed via air ducts from each return grill and register. These high-pressure whips and air tools agitate inside your ductwork. As they thrash around, they air sweep and brush all surfaces. The multiple tentacles remove all pollutants. Once the pollutants are loosened, we use a powerful vacuum to pull them out of the air.

    Air Purification Technologies – Duct Cleaning Service

    Our expert technicians also clean fan housing, furnace fan, and accessible areas of air conditioning coils. Furthermore, any lingering odors, fungi, or molds are killed by our optional herbal-based sanitizer. We usually complete a residential duct cleaning task within a couple of hours or more depending on the size of the house. We also place a tiny video camera inside the ducts to make it easier for you to monitor our cleaning process.

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