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    HVAC UV Light Installation

    HVAC UV Light Installation

    HVAC systems are evolving as technology advances, and professionals in this field have designed UV light fixtures to fit inside HVAC ductwork and inside air handlers. These enclosed places can eliminate the risk of eye contact with the homeowner but have great exposure with much of the air coming inside a home. 

    HVAC UV Light InstallationThe UV light can be installed inside the air handler, so the reflection shines on the evaporator coil. Mold spores are very light and can easily enter the air conditioner whenever the A/C is running. When this happens, the UV light will prevent mold spores from reproducing due to the damaging rays.

    UV Lights in the Air Handler 

    The evaporator coil has enough moisture to make it an ideal environment for bacteria growths. The temperatures and enclosure make it ideal for them to grow. When this happens, the air conditioner loses energy efficiency as the mold acts as insulation, taking the AC longer to cool your place. 

    Also, coil freezing could happen if the mold completely covers the coil, enabling the heat from the air to go fast enough to the compressor. HVAC UV Light InstallationEventually, because it is too cold, the refrigerant might start freezing outside the coil. 

    If your AC continues to run this way, the compressor can freeze over. The compressor is expensive to replace so, placing UV lights is a good alternative to prevent mold from growing on the coil. 

    UV Lights in the Ductwork 

    Sometimes to provide even more protection from mold spreading, 

    HVAC professionals recommend UV light to be placed in the ductwork and the air handler. These lights will neutralize the mold spores that pass through them, making an indoor environment more protected. 

    Vulnerable areas for mold are the kitchen and bathrooms, where water is always present on the surface counters. With the UV light method, the spores entering your home will lose their ability to reproduce and become an issue in your home. 

    Air Purification Technologies

    UV lights are an easy way to prevent further mold issues and spores from spreading indoors. These lamps make no sounds, have no moving parts, and are energy efficient. We can agree that mold has an important role in nature, but it doesn’t belong in your home.

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