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    6 Signs Your Home Vents Should Be Cleaned

    An increasing number of people spend their time indoors, and 70% of an average person’s time is spent within their home. Modern lifestyles and circumstances have made it natural for people to spend more time at home than anywhere else. However, it also requires you to be vigilant about keeping your home clean and safe, […]

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    1 Oct
    By: Chris Gayle
    purify the hvac system
    UV Lights Installation To Purify The HVAC System

    Everyone wants clean, breathable air in their homes, workplaces, and various other indoor environments. Our air ducts and HVAC systems often become compromised when pollutants such as dust, dirt, and mold inhabit them from the inside out. That is why Air Purification Technologies has been servicing South Florida since 2002 and understands the importance of […]

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    27 Aug
    By: Chris Gayle
    cleaning the air ducts
    Cleaning The Air Ducts in Your Home

    We all want clean, breathable air in our homes. When the air becomes compromised due to dirt or dust in the air ducts, our breathing can, in turn, become unsafe, causing many health issues. Illnesses such as respiratory disease, asthma, and increased issues with COPD can occur when our air is riddled with pollutants. Finding […]

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    29 Jul
    By: Chris Gayle
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