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    Vent Cleaners

    Our Duct Cleaning Services & Vent Cleaners 


    Are you searching for duct cleaning services and vent cleaners? If so, we can help! When it comes to the maintenance of duct systems, either for home or businesses, they are often overlooked. At Air Purification Technologies, we make it a point to service our customers with the best cleaning services to ensure a safer indoor environment. Our technician will assess the condition of your unit and provide you with alternatives to achieve deep cleaning. Rest assured, we have the experience as we have assisted many Florida residents with air duct cleaning services reducing the germs and preventing any allergy-related or respiratory issues. Now more than ever, during the pandemic, it is important to make sure the air in your residence is pure.

    Benefits Duct Cleaning Services & Vent Cleaners

    With the amount of ventilation being used when running the AC unit, it is crucial to check air ducts and have them cleaned. Bacteria and germs are always caught in these ventilation systems, and our experts can help! They pay extra attention to all parts of the air duct, making sure that all coils, motors, and covers are thoroughly cleaned. We know the importance of having fresh, clean air to breathe, which is why our goal is to clean thoroughly and accurately.

    Importance During COVID-19

    Cleaning your air ducts helps reduce bacteria while keeping viruses and allergens at a minimum. It is even more crucial now, in the midst of the coronavirus, that your indoor breathing air the cleanest. Our process includes sanitizing all register covers with vent cleaners that are safe for the environment. Combating COVID-19 while providing clean air is imperative, and we have the tools to get it done right. Our hope is to provide you and your family with a better understanding of safe and healthy air quality. Our top priority is creating a cleaner and safer air system for our customers. Let us help you make your air quality the purest it can be. Call Air Purification Technologies at 954-241-7352 with any questions on how we can serve you!

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