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    Vent Cleaning

    Vent Cleaning

    vent cleaningAre you looking for vent cleaning services? Vent and air duct cleaning improve the indoor air quality of your home. Furthermore, the lifespan of the unit system is increased, and would save you money in the long run. When cleaning their homes, homeowners often neglect vents and air ducts. This results in decreased impure air output and air circulation.

    Air Purification Technologies is proud to provide the best vent cleaning solutions in Florida. Whether it’s residential, industrial, or commercial, we do it all.

    Why Choose Us?

    Air Purification Technologies is a fully insured air duct and vent cleaning company. You can expect a thorough and proper cleaning service done right the first time.

    We customize our air cleaning services to suit the specific needs of every customer. All our staff members are experienced, professionally trained, insured, bonded, and true experts in Air duct and vent cleaning.

    vent cleaningWhy Air Purification Technologies is the best choice for your air cleaning needs:

    • We are the most experienced and professional air cleaning company in Florida
    • Vent Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning is our only business
    • We don’t clean anything else but HVAC systems/air ducts
    • We don’t just clean a part of the system, we clean the entire system, for a reasonable price which is always disclosed in advance, we never charge any hidden fees
    • We use advanced and the most powerful equipment, including patented equipment and tools, duct cleaning vacuum trucks to clean the entire HVAC system/air duct
    • We offer 100% satisfaction on all our services
    • We accommodate to your schedule and perform our job even after hours if required

    Our vent cleaning services include the following:

    • Dryer Vent Cleaning

    We are the experts in cleaning dryer vents. We have the latest technology that enables us to bring high-performance portable dryer vent cleaning vacuums at your place. We remove the fire hazards linked with plugged dryer vents.

    toxic-moldFollowing are some benefits of cleaning dryer ductwork:

    • By cleaning dryer vent regularly, the overall efficiency of the dryer is improved, and the risk of a fire in the house is also prevented
    • A blocked vent causes the dryer to consume a lot of extra energy.
    • Cleaning the dryer vent, not only reduces the chances a house fire, it also reduces the energy consumption by the dryer is decreased as well.
    • Your clothes will dry quickly
    • The dryer will last longer

    • Air Duct Cleaning

    Cleaning the ductwork for the cooling/heating system considerably increases the indoor air quality in your home. Air Purification Technologies is a certified air duct cleaning company with years of experience in providing air duct cleaning services for homes, apartment buildings, and condos. You can count on us for your air duct cleaning needs.

    • Hallway Shaft Cleaning

    Maintaining proper hallway air circulation systems play a key role in improving indoor air quality. If your hallway ventilation system is maintained properly, the odor will be removed from your apartment hallways quickly, which will ultimately contribute to improving indoor air quality. At Air Purification Technologies, we have the right service technicians and right technology to solve your hallway shaft cleaning problems.

    Air Purification Technologies – Vent Cleaning

    Call us today for your FREE estimate at 954-241-7352 and we will be happy to assist you for any concerns regarding vent cleaning and purification services for your home.

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