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    AC Duct Cleaner

    Air Purification Technologies AC Duct Cleaner


    ac duct cleanerAC Duct Cleaner Cleaning Fort Lauderdale. It might seem that we are Breathing clean and pure air inside our homes, but it’s just the opposite when a duct cleaning maintenance has not been done for years. As important as cleaning carpets, floors, and furniture upholstery every now and then, maintaining a healthy indoor environment relies on ac duct cleaning services. That being said, Air Purification Technologies team of experienced and trusted HVAC experts are ready to make your breathable air better for you and anybody else who spends time in your home. Our Equipment and Technology Thanks to a powerful state of the art vacuum and filtration system, our Fort Lauderdale technicians will extract any harmful contaminants and allergens floating around. With one deep cleaning service, you will notice the difference in your Indoor Air Quality home.

    Nowadays, indoor air quality is two to five times worse than outside air. Due to energy efficiency, we don’t allow the air to flow like it should be opening the windows for long periods of time. However, the need to drop the germ counts inside our living spaces is a must. The air is constantly being cleansed by rain and other natural processes, and in our homes, we should do the same by having a duct cleaning service scheduled at least once a year.

    Poor indoor air quality can decrease the overall quality of your life, and health and airborne pathogens can lead to serious health consequences. Research shows that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from allergies caused by substances and particles found in enclosed spaces. That is why Air Purification Technologies can not only clean your duct system but install the Reme Hallo Purifier after their techs are done. Ask us for this extra service and any other of our services on how to maintain your indoor environment free of allergens. Call today at 954-241-7352

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