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    house air purifier

    The REME Halo Technology House Air Purifier

    HOUSE AIR PURIFIER, The REME Halo Technology

    Are you searching for the best house air purifier? If so, Air Purification Technologies can help! When you are in your home, you feel entirely safe. But one thing that you don’t realize is that you are not safe from the toxins and pollutants in the air of your home. These sneaky culprits cannot be seen with a naked eye but can cause hundreds of different allergies or breathing issues if not taken care of. This is the reason that you need proper air duct cleaning and house air purifier. A good quality house air purifier will keep you safe from these allergens by eliminating them and making your home’s environment completely healthy.

    But the problem is that there is virtually no house air purifier that can claim to sanitize your home’s air a 100 percent. This is because almost all of the air purifiers are passive purifiers which require the toxins and pollutants to pass through them so they can kill those toxins. This way, some or many toxins remain in the air that can still cause some allergies. So just because of that, REME HALO whole house air purifier is designed. Here’s how it works:

    How Does REME HALO Work?

    So unlike the passive air purifiers that need the toxins and pollutants to come to them, the REME HALO sends and distributes Hydro-Peroxide plasma (air purifying agent) through air ducts with the help of air handler into the conditioned living space. This way, all of the toxins and pollutants present in the living space are eliminated one by one, and the room environment becomes healthy and toxins free. It sends air carrying Hydro-Peroxide plasma that sweeps through the home, finding and killing the pollutants at their very source. The best thing about the Hydro-Peroxide that is used in the REME HALO is that it naturally occurs in the atmosphere which makes it safe for your home’s environment.

    Features and Benefits:

    Now that you know about the REME HALO whole house air purifier and how it works, let’s talk about its distinctive features and benefits:

    • The REME HALO contains two ionizers that speed up the process of eliminating airborne particulates like pollen, dust, dander and mold spores, etc.
    • It has the potential to kill up to 99% of the bacteria, viruses, and mold present in the air and surface of your home.
    • Unlike the typical portable air purifiers that can only purify the room they are placed in, the REME HALO eliminates toxins and pollutants in the whole house or the building.
    • It is compact and operates silently which means you won’t even know it is placed in your air duct and can be easily integrated with the existing HVAC system of a house or building.
    • Do you know that a sneeze carries a plethora of germs which may make it contagious? Well, the REME HALO eliminates the germs in a sneeze by 99%.

    Air Purification Technologies HALO House Air Purifier

    Now that you know how important a house air purifier is for healthy living and which air purifier you should go for, it is up to you to make the smart decision between the passive air purifiers or the active air purifier; REME HALO. Be smart and live healthily. Call Cris today at 954-241-7352

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