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    Improve Your Eco Friendly Home Environment

     Keep Your Home Eco-Friendly With Duct Cleaning

    With the havoc that has been set upon the great mother earth, we as citizens of her many countries should find ways of helping keep her calm as much as possible.

    To begin, go green in your home. It is quite simple and you may find yourself saving money.

    There are many things that you can begin to do that will have great affect on the way you live. To go green in your home, here are some simple and quick ways to get started.

    1) Look at all the items around your home, what can you reuse? What will need to be recycled? If you find sheets of paper that have been written on one side, use the other for notes, grocery lists, etc. Butter tubs, etc, these can be used for leftover storage, small wares storage; for example crayons, nuts, bolts. Milk jugs, for other drinks kept in the fridge, for watering plants, potting soil storage, plant starter pot, how about a scoop.

    2) Find about recycling in your town/city. Your local garbage company probably already does do some of the recycling by providing your home with a bin to collect the “recyclables” in. There are typically several locations that you can recycle other goods.

    3) A great way to go green in your home is to set up bins. You can use items around your home for this. For example, a large cardboard box for collecting paper in. This can be for paper that is fully used. A large 5 gallon bucket for aluminum squish the cans down and it will hold quite a few. Another bucket for collecting all the remaining items, jars, metal, etc.

    You will want to make sure that these bins are kept in a place for all of your family to access, and you will want to make sure they are emptied if not daily, but often. This is to prevent little critters like ants, mice, or other unfriendly creatures from coming into your home.

    4) Set a schedule for dropping things off at your drop location. If you mark it on your calendar, this will make it an appointment for you. It will help you and your family stay organized.

    When you go green in your home, make sure you get your children involved in this, they might come up with some unique ideas for reusing items around your home. For example did you ever think of using a toilet paper roll to keep your socks in. Cut the tubes in half, take a pair of socks, thin ones work best, after they have been washed slide the cuffs through the tube, then store in a drawer.

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