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    Improve Indoor Air Quality For Your Home

    Have you noticed dust in your home even though you clean the day before? Have you ever wonder how much dust, dirt, and other pollutant particles build up during the years in your ductwork? Have you noticed that those same particles would re-circulate throughout your indoor environment?

    Is an air duct cleaning service worth it? Absolutely! Even if you clean your home often and still see dust residue in your home, you should consider an air duct cleaning. Preventive measures will eliminate future allergies and sinuses. Your body naturally can deal with many airborne particles, but your indoor air can be improved with clean and healthy air.

    Air Purification Technologies has a team of professionals that focuses on duct cleaning to removing pet dander, dust, various types of airborne particles that can affect your respiratory health. Our method is to clean the supply runs that feed the air throughout your property, the return ducts that pull air back, and the registers that collect build up over time.

    Indoor clean air is important for every household and commercial property. Better air can be achievable with a duct cleaning service and clean them as needed in the future. Some homeowners haven’t clean their duct system since purchasing their home. Many clients have never clean their ducts in 15 years!

    The American Lung Association estimated that humans spent 90% of their lifetime indoors?

    You can get the clean air you deserve while spending all your time inside your home! Let us help you clean your air ducts so that you can live a better indoor life. If your air ducts need cleaning, then be sure to call Air Purification technologies.

    Benefits of Residential air duct cleaning

    Invisible particles have infiltrated your home that cause poor air quality, and can be harmful to your respiratory system. What should you do if you suspect that your air duct system needs a maintenance clean up? You should get an assessment and get your air ducts cleaned as soon as possible. 

    Improved indoor air quality

    Reduced dust in your home

    Reduced airborne allergen and other pollutants

    Greater energy efficiency savings

    Air Purification Technologies

    Give us a call to improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in your home with our professional air duct cleaning services. Call today at 954-241-7352

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