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    Duct cleaning experts

    Air Purification Duct Cleaning Experts Florida

    Air Purification Duct Cleaning Experts Florida

    Are you searching for Duct Cleaning Experts? If so, Air Purification Technologies can help! Once we received the first phone call, our technicians will arrive at your location and perform an assessment going to the air handler and opening up the system itself. While inspecting all the components of the HVAC unit (condensing coils, blower motor, electrical board) they would proceed to clean all these components removing all the dust, debris, mold and allergens.

    Duct Cleaning ExpertsThe next step would be removing all the supply and return vents in the entire property either commercial or residential unit. Each vent cover will be examined, vacuumed and washed and fit it clean back in place. Besides, a lid will be placed over the register opening to insert a powerful vacuum hose for the pressurized air hose going the entire ductwork.

    As the special hose, with an attached camera, goes inside the duct it will agitate and suck all the dirt up by the powerful vacuum. This agitator system supplies approx 240 pounds per square inch of compressed air, will push all the debris of the vacuum while the vacuum pulling force will suck all the dirt.

    After every vent and air handler get cleaned, our Air Purification technician will apply a sanitizer and deodorizer if requested by the client. They will also power washing the coils to ensure your HVAC unit will be running at a top-notch performance. All our duct cleaning work is done using NADCA certified equipment, trained certified technicians to ensure a job well done. We also have other services such as the newest whole house purifiers to insert in the vents as a permanent solution to make your indoor air quality frequently clean. Also, make sure to ask us about our Germicidal UV light systems too!

    Air Purification Duct Cleaning Experts Florida

    Unlike most HVAC related companies we specialize in air duct cleaning and everything pertaining to enhancing indoor air quality environment. This reflects directly in the service our Air Purification Technicians provide. We stick to a meticulous process, which involves every air supply, and return dirty vents and air ducts clean again! Call us today at 954-241-7352

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