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    filtering clean air

    Filtering Clean Air: Electrostatic Filters

    Clean filtered air is what we all need, especially in our home or office spaces where a clean and free of dirt environment can enhance living. Air Purification Technology has the resources and skilled technicians to clean your air filters to benefit from fresh purified air. Air filters throughout the home can often become engulfed in numerous bacteria, mold, dander, dust, and dirt, jeopardizing the air you breathe without even realizing it. Clean air helps prevent sickness and ensures that your entire family benefits from the highest air quality possible.

    Air Purification Technology can meet all of your needs, and our services include cleaning vent covers, dryer vent cleaning, sanitizing air duct cleaning, deodorizing, and fiber duct cleaning. We use electrostatic filters, which are reusable and easily cleaned, saving you time and money. On top of dirt and mold that can build up on your vents, pet hair can also gradually accumulate, making vents highly blocked. We also provide services, including HVAC system cleaning. Our experienced professionals are kind and courteous with one goal in mind, to thoroughly clean your air ducts and purify your air. Using electrostatic air filters, the extra electrostatic charge helps to drive out dirt particles, trapping them in the collector of your vent.

    Healthy and clean air is something we often take for granted, but seeing the built-up dirt that can accumulate on your air filters will show you just how important cleaning your vents is. Air Purification Technology gladly services many Florida cities making it a top priority to clean all of your air vents, ensuring your home has clean, healthy, and easily breathable air. Our state-of-the-art equipment makes air duct cleaning almost effortless. We aim to please and will get the job done in a complete and timely manner.

    Choose Air Purification Technology for all of your air duct cleaning needs. We are honest and reliable and can get the job done so that your air is clean and free of dirt. If you are unsure of the price and what services you need assistance with, our technicians can provide a quote over the phone. We strive to do the job while staying within your budget. For further information and the chance to breathe freely and clearly, give us a call today at 954-241-7352

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