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    Home Air Quality in Your House

    Home Air Quality in Your House

    A lot of us think that the areas inside the house are completely safe from pollution as well as the people inside it. In recent studies show that this is not always the case. Although the statement has mentioned the term house, this is not different from your working environment or any other establishment. As you stay inside the house, you should be very cautious on your environment. Although, you are not immediately affected with the problem, but those with weak immune system can surely suffer. Thus, it is imperative that home air quality is important and know how to maintain the cleanliness of the indoor air in your house.

    How to Maintain The Indoor Air in Your House

    Basically there are so many causes of indoor air pollution. Like the outdoor pollution, that can also happen even if you stay inside your house. Some of the most common sources of pollutants are fuels, decaying elements, solvents, insecticides, pesticides and other similar elements. If you leave these harmful components spreading in the air you breathe, you increasing your rate of being prone to illnesses.

    One evident source of indoor air pollution is cooking. This may be avoided but whether you will or will not avoid doing it, there is still a need for you to cook your food. Cooking can be harmful because of the gases that spread into the air once you are doing this. There are cases that defective gas stoves can also be main sources of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide which can be harmful when they are not properly burned.

    In recent studies recommend that the large portion of American households patronized at least one pesticide product inside the house. The products that are normally used are insecticides and disinfectants. It seems that a very high percentage of most individuals’ exposure happens inside the house. The amount of pesticides seen in the houses seems to be higher than can be stated by recent pesticide use in those houses. This concludes that pollutants from insecticides that come from outside can freely flow inside your house.

    Home Air Quality in Your House

    The rate of pollutants can be maintained in a lower rate within indoor areas by giving sufficient ventilation. Ventilation can eliminate polluted air and allows fresh air spread inside your house. Ventilation can either be natural or artificial. Outdoor air penetrates through the windows and pushes the indoor air to spread outside the house. Putting windows on the opposite side of the wall is beneficial. In other areas like heavily industrialized places, the outdoor air is terribly polluted. In these places natural ventilation is not really the best option. Extreme weather will make it unsuitable in other regions. In those cases controlled air change has to be provided through mechanical systems. Depending on the situation, these systems must integrate tools for heating, cooling, humidity or air pollution.

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