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    purify the hvac system

    UV Lights Installation To Purify The HVAC System

    Everyone wants clean, breathable air in their homes, workplaces, and various other indoor environments. Our air ducts and HVAC systems often become compromised when pollutants such as dust, dirt, and mold inhabit them from the inside out. That is why Air Purification Technologies has been servicing South Florida since 2002 and understands the importance of clean indoor breathable air.

    Our professional services go above and beyond to ensure that your air vent systems function to their highest capacity. When your air becomes compromised, it can cause health issues such as COPD, respiratory illness, and asthma. Taking steps to ensure that your HVAC system is thoroughly cleaned can reduce these issues and the use of ultraviolet light inside the unit.

    Benefits of UV Lights

    Reduces allergies and illness – UV lights in your HVAC system can do the job of reducing the organisms that play a major role in airborne illness. Microorganisms can lurk within the crevices and coils of your HVAC system, causing sickness and allergies. Air Purification Technologies can help reduce these issues by installing UV lights in your HVAC system, which help to destroy harmful organisms within the unit.

    Odor Elimination – UV lights can help to eliminate the many compounds that cause odors in your home. Tobacco, food, paint, and cleaning products can leave odors throughout your home, but the addition of UV lights can help to eliminate them all. The professionals at Air Purification Technologies have the skills to get your HVAC system running better than ever before with the use of UV lights.

    Efficiency and Airflow – UV lights have been proven to help rid HVAC systems of dust and dirt that can often clog them. Clearing out these systems improves efficiency and airflow, causing you less maintenance and more use. Our technicians can help you explore all UV light options and how they can greatly benefit your home and its air quality.

    Air Purification Technologies

    Air Purification Technologies offers affordable pricing with no hidden costs. We proudly serve the South Florida area with high-quality professional services. Our technicians are kind and courteous and aim to bring total customer satisfaction. Let us help you make the most of your HVAC system with the addition of ultraviolet lights. Call us today at 954-241-7352

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