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    Live Healthy with Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services

    Helping People Live Healthy with Professional Air Duct Cleaning and Cutting-Edge Air Purifying Devices

    Air Purification Technologies, a pioneer in air purification is helping people live Healthier with professional air duct cleaning and cutting-edge air purifying devices.

    Indoor air pollution is not something to be taken lightly. It not only contains a plethora of allergens, but it may also have some of the most lethal gases such as carbon monoxide and radon making it even dangerous than outdoor air pollution. As reported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; indoors may have two to five times and sometimes even 100 times higher pollutants than outdoorsThis is the reason that performing occasional air duct cleaning and having an air purifying device are two must things in every house for a healthy living environment. And Air Purification Technologies is here to help people with its professional air vent cleaning service and the REME Halo whole house purifier device.

    There are a plethora of benefits for having a clean and healthy indoor air such as making breathing easier, reducing pollutants, allergens and molds, providing better sleep, curbing asthmatic episodes and relieving from allergy symptoms like a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and ear, nose or throat infections. And it is only possible if air duct cleaning is performed and air purifiers are used. With the air vent cleaning service by Air Purification Technologies, a healthy indoor living environment is now achievable.

    Their cleaning process ensures the ducts to stay clean for a long time because their expert air duct cleaners extract all the dust and perform a deep sweep of the vents. The reason that many people prefer to go with their service is that they have EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) & IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration) certified cleaners. Furthermore, they are known for their honest pricing that saves a lot of money to their customers.

    Besides air duct cleaning services, Air Purification Technologies is also known for providing high tech air purifier, REME Halo, a whole house purifier that significantly reduces toxic airborne particulates and also uses zinc ions to kill 99% of the viruses on the surface. Air Purification Technologies is committed to helping its client’s lead a safe and healthy life, and their professional services and high tech products prove it.

    “We want everyone to breathe free and inhale healthy, and we are fully committed to achieving it.”

    -CEO (Air Purification Technologies)

    To know more about Air Purification Technologies or to procure their services, contact them via (954) 559-5409 or visit their website at www.airpurificationtech.com.


    About Air Purification Technologies:

    Air Purification Technologies has been servicing South Florida since 2002 for Air Duct Cleaning Services meeting all EPA standards for quality.  They provide superior quality air duct cleaning service in a caring, passionate way that exceeds their clients’ expectations. They provide fresh, clean air, so their clients’ homes can be healthier.

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