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    Air Purification System

    The REME HALO Air Purification System

    Many people believe that environmental pollution only exists outside of their homes. Well, they can’t be any more wrong. In fact, in a way, there is more air pollution inside a home than the outside. According to one report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; indoors can have two to five times and sometimes even a hundred times higher pollutants than the outdoors. This is the reasons that besides proper and regular vent cleaning, people need an air purification system that actively kills the pollutants, allergens, and toxins in the air. Well, REME HALO is that system. Here’s how it works:

    REME HALO Air Purification System – How Does it Work?

    The REME Halo is installed and connected with your air condition system. This is done because your air conditioning system collects and releases air in and out of your home. So by getting attached to this specific part of your HVAC, the REME HALO can effectively purify the air inside your home. Here are a few key points that define how REME HALO air purification system works and why it is different from other air purification systems:

    Utilizes Hydro-Peroxide Plasma:

    REME HALO air purification system produces hydrogen peroxide that has been used for 170 years by the medical community for the cleaning of air and is considered the safest oxidizer after oxygen. The hydro-peroxide quickly kills microbial contaminants present in the air as well as on the surface. In addition to that, it causes the dust particles to stick together that makes it easier for the filter to catch them.

    Works Actively:

    Since the REME HALO air purification system sends out hydro-peroxide in the air, the oxidizer goes out and kills germs and pollutants in the air. This makes the REME HALO different from most of the air purification systems as they work passively by waiting for the pollutants and toxins to come to them. By working actively, REME HALO does not wait for the airborne toxins to come to it, it sends our hydro-peroxide to them.

    Attaches to Existing HVAC:

    One of the best parts of using the REME HALO air purification system is that it attaches itself to your existing HVAC system. This means you just need to get it and place it and you are done. It gets connected to the blower of your HVAC, and as the air passes over it, it sends ionized hydro-peroxides into the home that search and destroy the toxins and pollutants in the air.

    It Works for Everyone:

    The REME HALO is perfect for everyone wanting to keep the air of their home fresh and breathable. And people suffering from asthma or other allergies need it more than anyone else. It will kill the allergens in your home’s air to reduce the risk of you or your family having respiratory problems.

    Final Words from Air Purification Technologies

    While there are many smaller air purification systems available today, you will have to get a dozen of them to keep your indoor air clean. With the REME HALO, you will just need one unit to tackle all the air purification problems of every room in your house. Just make sure to perform regular vent cleaning so the system can work to its full potential. Call us today at 954-241-7352 for an onsite estimate. We offer vent cleaning services, HVAC cleaning, and Reme Halo technology installation.


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