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    Clean Air In Your Home

    Best Way To Clean Air In Your Home

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    Most people think that the only function of an air conditioner is to provide a cool temperature during summer months. Aside from giving you cool air, your air conditioner unit also helps in decontaminating and sanitizing the air around you through the use of a filtration process. When people are continuously exposed to contaminated air, they might end up with several chronic health problems like allergies and asthma.

    There are wide varieties of air conditioner units, and most of them are built using electronic air filters. This type of air filter can pull out clean around 95% of the pollutants in the air by capturing them on a metal filter plate. Usually, this type of filter is placed in the air ducts and the furnace in your heating and cooling system.

    Electronic air filters help to clean contaminated air and improve the quality of indoor air. You need to understand the air inside your home contains allergens, dust particles, dirt, fumes, and other several substances that cannot be simply removed with the use of a vacuum. With the use of the electronic air filter, the contaminated air will be cleansed and those particles collected will be drawn to the plates. You can clean your plates to remove those collected substances.

    Two Types of Electronic Air Filter;

    • Electrostatic – this type of electronic air filter gather particles or substances using the charged plates that are installed in them. These are more effective than other types of filters because they can accumulate a lot of particles.

    • Charged filters – the substances and particles collected are deposited using the charged fibers located in the machine.

    There are two types of tests to determine how well filters clean the air in your home: the weight test along with the dust spot test. These two tests will help you to determine whether your air filter is efficient or not. The weight test determines the cleansing capacity of the machine using the weight of the collected dirt that the filter can remove. However, this test cannot tell you if the machine is efficient at removing small substances or particles in the air around you. The dust spot test, however, tells you if your filter can catch particularly tiny particles, ranging from 0.3 to 6 microns

    Regardless of what type of filter you use, make sure that you clean it on a regular basis using the proper cleaning tools and equipment. This will help you to ensure that you and your family will have a quality and improved indoor air without the risk to your health.


    Source by Jane Dabad

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